Denver, CO

Our Denver, Colorado office of Namify is looking to expand. We are a growing company that provides other companies with their logo-ed swag for all kinds of events.

This job is right for you if:

  • You have basic computer program skills.
  • You want to be part of a team.
  • You like helping other people accomplish their goals.
  • You are outgoing and enjoy chatting with clients on the phone.
  • You are willing to train on the job. Training support will be provided to you.

Namify helps local and national businesses look good at their events through providing the right swag for the right occasion. We are national experts in providing brand solutions that will help companies make their marketing dollars go further. We put client needs first and focus on building relationships.

What do we value as a company? Here is what you will find in the about us section of our website. If you think you can get behind these core values then please apply for the position.


We love coming in every day because of the people we get to work with. We’ve been through a lot together and have each other’s backs – in good times and bad. Mentoring is important to us and we find satisfaction in helping one another grow and improve. Our company has always been shaped by the people who work here and we challenge every team member to make their mark and add their name to our history.


We’ve seen it all and we know how to get it done. We’ve done the impossible so many times that the word just isn’t in our vocabulary any more. We don’t allow ourselves to become distracted by the size or complexity of a job. We just crush what’s in front of us and move on to the next task. What that means for the customer: Their emergency is our everyday. They can rest easy knowing that we’ve had crazier requests and hit them out of the park. We’ll walk our customers through it, we’ll reassure them and we’ll get their jobs done right.


We believe, even as individuals, we have the power to move Namify forward. We know that we have the opportunity each day to build not only our company but ourselves. We learn from each other, we learn from our mistake and discover better ways of doing things. Day by day, we get better. As a result, Namify becomes better.

We offer benefits, a typical M-F schedule and a lot more depth to us than is outlined in this ad.

Call me and let’s find out if you’d be a good fit!

Brian Ensign


Denver Branch Manager

***$12-$14 Hour Starting***

Job Type: Full-time

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