Our Price-Beat Guarantee

Our competitive prices are driven by sound processes and first-rate service. On occasion, other companies may dip below our advertised prices, but even then we’ve got you covered with our Price Beat Guarantee.

Price-Beating Made Simple:

1. Compare

Simply send us a copy of the competitor’s offering (an actual Sales Estimate or a URL link) and we will quickly verify it for Price-Beat compatibility.

2. Save

If it is comparable to our offering, we will beat that price for you by up to 5% of the difference.

Things to remember:

We go to great lengths to make sure you get quality products and stellar customer support. There is value in that and we believe you will have a much happier customer experience because of it. On that premise, we really do compare our offering to that of competitors, and if we feel you will be getting inferior service, we reserve the right to express those concerns and/or decline the Price Beat Request.

Our Price-Beat Guarantee does not apply to sales tax or shipping charges, as these vary from vendor to vendor geographically. Our products ship from headquarters in Springville, UT. Out-of-state customers are exempt from sales tax.

Any questions regarding our Price Beat Guarantee can be directed to a Customer Service representative, using the contact information below.

Local Phone: 801.491.8068
Toll Free: 800.470.6970
Email: quotes@namify.com
Local Fax: 801.489.7538
Toll Free Fax: 801.491.7182