Maverik Oil and Gas, Inc. (MAVO)

maverik-logoWhen Maverik Oil and Gas, Inc (MAVO) decided to roll out their improved customer rewards program, they knew three things had to happen right out of the gate:

  1. Activation and redemption of rewards had to be overly-easy and seamless
  2. All the graphical elements had to build on their mantra of “Adventure’s First Stop”
  3. Their employees had to become extensions of the advertising

With the Maverik app and corresponding web pages in place, we began working with corporate headquarters to identify apparel items that would not only compliment their new programs (the Chrome Card and Black Debit Card) but also affordably outfit 4000 employees across 200+ locations.

Production Outlook


Items Needed:

  • 8,000 printed t-shirts (5-color print for 40,000 hits)
  • 4,000 lanyards (2-color print for 8,000 hits)

We keyed in on heather-patterned cotton shirts and custom neck lanyards for their on-trend, comfortable look and practicality without blowing up the project budget.


Athletic Heather was selected for the Chrome card promotion and Charcoal Heather for Black Debit Card promotion. The artwork required 5 separate prints per setup, totaling 40,000 hits with our screen press.


The sole intent for the lanyard print was to convey the two critical buzzwords of the whole campaign: Chrome and Black, repeated in their respective colors around the lanyard.

Their in-store launch date gave us 10 business days to produce the 12,000 custom items, using 48,000 impressions. We completed the printing and quality inspections in 6 days and received high marks for performance and on-time delivery.



We create products for Subway, one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world.

Name Tags:

With an increased demand for quality name tags that would serve thousands of business locations, Subway and Namify were the perfect match. We worked together to create the perfect design, price point and distribution solution to meet the timeline of their new marketing plan.

With our unique strategy, we’re able to produce 50,000 screen-printed, full-color name tags that are available for shipping within a single business day. Name tags are printed, cut to size, individually beveled, and backings are applied by hand to ensure that every tag meets quality standards.

Thanks to this partnership, it’s now easier than ever to order custom name tags that are produced and shipped in just a matter of days.




When BusinessWeek declares you the “No. 1 Innovation Up-And-Comer In The World”, your branding strategy better keep up, because everyone will be watching. Such is the case for Fusion-io, the tech firm responsible for solid-state server technology used by Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Dell, Cisco, and Supermicro.

Much of Fusion’s marketing plan hinges on an ultra-aggressive trade show schedule, exhibiting at over 270 shows around the world, every year (that’s 1 show every 32 hours). While they certainly have a tout-worthy product, they still value the chance to make a splash with attention-grabbing promotional giveaways. In their eyes, the more random and practical the giveaway, the better. This is where the creative services and manufacturing of Namify enter the picture.


Items Needed:

  • Full Color Graphic Tees
  • Engraved Mini Hammers
  • Custom Animal Cracker Boxes


  • 270 shows around the world

Full Color Graphic Tees

We knew that a standard, boxy cotton tee could not convey the right message for Fusion-io at their trade show events. The shirts had to speak to the times and remain a favorite to recipients. We recommended 3 different synthetic blends, and the end result of laying down intriguing and complex screen prints onto amazingly comfortable shirts literally was a show-stopping hit.

Engraved Mini Hammers

The only reason this idea made sense is because it didn’t make sense … the idea that random practicality would only fuel more curiosity. It was a conversation piece, an attention grabber, and certainly something that would never get thrown away. We had to quickly leverage several wholesale outlets to get the right quantity and engrave them in time for their next several events.

Custom Animal Cracker Boxes

This was a fun way to accomplish two purposes: to draw attention and, in a subtle way, to become the unofficial snack sponsor of the show … we all know how hungry we get at those events.



AutoZone, Inc. (AZO)

autozone-logoCoordinating a unified brand message across 5,000 different store locations is no small task, but that is exactly what AutoZone, the largest retailer of aftermarket auto parts in America is striving to do.

Items Needed:AutoZoneProducts-nametags

  • Name Badges
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Lapel Pins
  • Employee Gifts


  • 8 Regional OfficesAutoZoneProducts-other
  • 5,000 Store Locations

Our initial relationship with AutoZone began with just a handful of regional stores, making the personalized name badges for their sales clerks. After further rapport and research, we discovered two things:

  1. The various store locations, nationwide, were experiencing different standards of quality when it came to purchasing their badges from many different vendors.
  2. The billing and distribution for that many locations was a messy headache.

Knowing that our exclusive Brand Store program could help resolve both of these challenges, we invested a few hours to set up and present a custom web portal to AutoZone corporate. The site included each of the 7 board-approved artwork setups for name badges (in English and Spanish), as well as the admin features to manage all their billing and monitor purchase activity companywide.

Corporate loved it because it would easily allow their regional representatives and store managers to meet their needs directly and quickly by ordering straight through to one trusted supplier, and knowing that their product would ship out to them the very next day. With that system in place, we were able to extend the same great benefits for other branding and recognition products such as Vinyl Banners, Lapel Pins, and Employee Gifts.


Arizona Digestive Health


While it seems that the only certain thing about healthcare these days is uncertainty … it is comforting to see that many providers, like Arizona Digestive Health, are continually setting higher standards for care. With 29 locations and over 60 board-certified physicians, their reputation (and consequently their brand image) has quickly become associated with “quality”.

Production Outlook

Items Needed:

  • Name Badges
  • Embroidered Scrubs
  • MousepadsArizonaDigestiveHealth_Products
  • Tote Bags
  • Digitally Printed Cups


  • 29 Office Locations
  • 11 Procedural Centers

As we came to work more closely with Arizona Digestive Health, it was important for us to show that we share that same commitment to quality and innovation. We initially started by firming up the consistency of their custom name badges, company-wide, from what they were previously getting from different vendors.

Then, after consulting with their Purchasing Department, we identified several benefits of streamlining the fulfillment through one manufacturer-supplier. We set to work on creating a custom web portal that could be accessed companywide and house specific setups for each of their custom items.

Then, with all their administrative and user rights in place, it was simply a matter of integrating their account with our existing system for automatic drop-shipping. Not only have these solutions saved them on money and resources, but it has allowed them to focus squarely on the thing of greatest importance … your health.


Operation Underground Railroad

operation underground railroad

Founded in 2013, Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R) is a nonprofit that exists to eradicate child sex trafficking through coordinated rescue missions. Prior to working with Namify, O.U.R. was using a different shopping platform with limited features.

A staff member had to manually fulfill orders and respond to customer service requests, which quickly became time-consuming. There were also issues with ordering products – orders would come through for things that weren’t available because stock counts for apparel couldn’t be set up they way they wanted.

Our Rescue

Production Outlook

Items Needed:

  • Shirts
  • Wristbands
  • Jackets
  • Pins
  • Hats


  • Hundreds of O.U.R. volunteers and supporters around the world

After hearing about O.U.R.’s challenges, we decided to introduce their team to our Axomo online shopping platform as the perfect solution. With Axomo, O.U.R. could automate the most time-consuming tasks of store management such as processing orders, maintaining inventory, and reporting sales.

“Using Axomo really freed up our staff time, which is a precious resource in the nonprofit world. We could focus more on organization tasks instead of managing orders and fulfillment, which is so valuable to us.”

-Whitney, O.U.R. Employee

Axomo gives O.U.R. instant access to inventory and sales reports, so their staff always know what’s in stock and which items sell better than others. Not only does this give their staff more time to focus on other tasks, but it also serves as a central hub for O.U.R. volunteers and supporters that want to support and raise awareness for their cause.