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Enterprise Clients

Namify, LLC supplies branding products and services to several of the largest organizations in the world. That kind of trust is only earned with consistent quality, flexible production, competitive pricing, and a focused tenacity to do what we say we will do.

We are tested and ready to handle the gamut of scenarios you circumvent as a large entity, namely:

High-Volume Production
Warehousing Program
Centralized Purchasing
Corporate Billing
Custom Pricing
Multi-Location Shipping
Custom Assembly
Logo Hosting

Executive Summary 2016


Springville, UT USA
Year Founded: 2001
# Pieces Manufactured: 70 Million
# of Fortune 500 Accounts: 378
Office Square Feet: 20,000
Production Square Feet: 60,000

# Employees: 154
Customer Service: 35
Enterprise Representatives: 12
Graphic Design: 9
Marketing: 8
Quality Control: 4
Administrative: 10
Accounts Receivable: 3
Maintenance: 3

Production Capacities
Name Tags: 200,000 Units Per Day
Vinyl Signs: 28,000 Square Feet Per Day
Lanyards: 52,000 Prints Per Day
Printed Apparel: 20,000 Prints Per Day
Embroidery: 3.4 Million Stitches Per Day

International Offices

Ningbo, China
Office Square Feet: 9000
Production Square Feet: 312,000
# Employees: 340

Fuzhou, China
Office Square Feet: 6,000
Production Square Feet: 120,000
# Employees: 275

Frankfurt, Germany
Office Square Feet: 2,000
# Employees: 3

Case Studies

National Hockey League Playoffs (2011)
320,000 custom pieces assembled, packed bundles of 10, and sent to 8 locations … all within 19 business days.

Task Force:
Teresa Toth – Sales Executive
Tyler Kimball - VP of Operations
Tifany Gardiner – Purchasing Manager
Blake Mumford – Production Engineer
Prior to the 2011 NHL Playoffs, the NHL TV Network anticipated distributing 100,000 Custom Printed Lanyards to subscribers and media members in the 8 host-cities. They would purchase 3-piece kits (a printed lanyard, 4x8 vertical badge holder, and a 4/4 printed insert) to be assembled and bundled in packs of 10 for quick distribution. With only 19 business days to work with, we set out to coordinate several efforts simultaneously. While dyeing all the needed polypropylene lanyard material and setting up the inserts for offset printing, our Production Engineer, Blake Mumford tackled the challenge of custom packaging these in way that they would not damage in transit, and could be easily withdrawn and distributed upon arrival. We already had the necessary inventory of badge holders on hand, so what was left was an 18-man assembly effort as the custom pieces came of the press in bundles. Everything was delivered on time and the client has returned twice already this year for large purchases.
America’s Freedom Festival (2010)
Designing, tailoring, and printing 5000 technical running shirts to include MP3 friendly features.

Task Force:
Brad Gasaway – VP of Marketing (focus groups)
Joe Brown – Lead Designer
Tifany Gardiner – Purchasing Manager
Jose Osornio – Textile Press Lead
America’s largest for-profit Independence Day celebration (the Freedom Festival in Provo, UT) approached us with task of designing a truly unique, technical running shirt for their associated Freedom Run with 5000 participants. Among the specification desired were MP3-friendly features such as a sewn-in pocket with eyelets for a headphone cord. Other requirements included a unique blend of Jersey Mesh and Pique Mesh panels, sewn to athletic fits for Men’s, Women’s and Youth sizes. After thorough sampling, we performed 6 different focus groups to test the cut/fit of the shirts for average preference, as well as the placement of the custom pocket (so that weighted items wouldn’t bounce around annoyingly when running) and took the final specs to production. The Freedom Run officials were overwhelmed with positive feedback on the shirts, and won several comments from repeat patrons claiming it to be their favorite participant shirt yet. The quality giveaway contributed to a 19% increase in participation the following year.
Global Partnership (2009)
Customizing and warehousing 17 different custom products (over 80,000 pieces annually) … to be sent out to over 300 schools on-demand.

Task Force:
Krystal Wall – Sales Executive
Scott Bishop – Shipping Manager
Tifany Gardiner – Purchasing Manager
Laura Zepeda – Embroidery Technician
The brand value for Global Partnership Schools is in their leadership, not necessarily in physical facilities. So as we counseled with their key officers, it was quickly determined that they would need a progressive warehousing program to store branded goods for both existing and future partners. Rather than administrate smaller orders as needed, we proactively coordinated their needs into annual amounts and, as incentive, offered our own warehouse space for storing and shipping items such as branded pencils, rulers, backpacks, wristbands, trainer polos, etc. Between the bulk discounts and storage savings, we estimate to have saved them $38,000 per year on their purchases.
Verizon Wireless (2008)
20,000 custom pieces assembled and individually packed with a personalized letter … to be sent to 679 locations throughout the U.S.

Task Force:
Tyler Kimball - VP of Operations
David Sneddon – Shipping Manager
Being a global leader in cellular and wireless services, when Verizon wishes to roll out an internal campaign to its retail stores, they want it quick, thorough, and simultaneous. Such were their trust levels to contract Namifiers for their 2008 Chris Cornell promotion. In the course of 14 days, Verizon Wireless needed 10 lanyard/card combos delivered into the hands of each of their store managers for 679 locations nationwide. Each package was also to include a personalized letter, explaining the details of the campaign. With that type of a rollout, the execution of the shipping had to be equally as impeccable as the production itself. Shipping Manager, David Sneddon, pulled it off flawlessly … organizing all 679 packages to arrive to their respective destinations with 24 hours of each other. Now, three years later, we service over 750 account for Verizon Wireless.