Affiliate Program

You know what we're about: timely production, customer service, competitive pricing, etc. Now, you can earn cash by simply promoting our services, which you already believe in.

We invite you to consider participating in one of our Affiliate Program options.

Affiliate Linking (Basic)

Commission Payout: 8%
Minmimum Revenue Required (Month): $250

3 Easy Steps

  1. Complete our online application and submit for approval.
  2. If approved, you will receive an Affiliate ID and instructions for proper linking and use by word-of-mouth. Follow the simple instructions to ensure you get credit for the sales each month.
  3. Promote our quality services to as many as you can, as creatively as you can.

Basic FAQ

Q:  What do you mean by "Minimum Revenue Required"?
A:  To qualify for commission in a given month, you would need to refer at least $250 in business to namify (which is often achieved in 1 order).

Q:  Q: How often would I receive commission checks from namify?
A:  Commissions are paid on qualifying sales amounts from the previous month. Checks are then mailed out within 14 days of the close of those qualifying months.

Q:  How do I make sure I get credit for the business I drive to namify?
A:  By properly placing your Affiliate ID in any hyperlinks pointing to our site, or by coaching your referrals to use your Affiliate ID as the PROMO CODE upon checkout.

Q:  Can anyone participate in your Affiliate Program?
A:  Our products and services appeal to all industries, and therefore we take on a broad variety of affiliates. However, as a private company, we do reserve the right to deny affiliate applications for whatever reason.

Pepperjam Affiliate Store (Advanced)

For the more seasoned Affiliate venturers, you can also include our product offering as part of your Pepperjam Network Store. For this option, simply complete our Pepperjam Application.