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Green Magnet

Minimum Qty: 100
Sold in groups of 100

Product Details

Product Category: Name Tag Backings and Accessories
Item Number: MAG
Minimum Qty: 100
Sales Quantity:Sold in Groups of 100
Weight:0.02381 LB
Length:1 3/4"
Attachments Included In Price:Self-Adhesive Backing
Production Time:Same Day
Green Magnet
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Item Configuration:

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Product Specifications: Magnetic Clip
Item #: MAG
Sales Quantity: Sold in Groups of 100
Minimum Quantity: 100
Less than Minimum Fee: 50% Upcharge per Magnetic Clip
Sample Price: Qualified Generic Samples are Free
Average Production Time: 1 Business Day
Product Material: Magnet (One magnetic clip consists of three mini-magnets in which each individual magnet on the strip equates to the strength of about 3,000-3,300 G (gauss), and the Remanence (self-sustaining magnetism) equates to approximately 1.18-1.22 T (Tesla).)
Imprint Area: Not designed for imprinting
Outer Dimensions: 1/2" x 1 3/4"
Product Weight: 2.5 LB / 100 PK
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Artwork Guidelines: Click here to see Artwork Guidelines
Recommended Uses: Magnetic Clip backing adheres to your nametag so you can clip the nametag to your clothing
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Product Durability: Quality Plastic guarantees full product life
Additional Information:

The magnets are made of a ferrous neodymium boron compound that may discolor textiles where a metallic compound was used to dye the fabric (metallic dyes are most commonly used for blue, purple and brown hues. Note that not every blue, purple, or brown material was dyed using a metallic dye).

Customers may test garments for color fastness with the magnet by leaving it adhered to an inconspicuous area overnight and washing. In most cases the magnet does not adversely affect clothing color, but if it is a concern, please test the fabric. A small piece of wax paper may be placed between the garment and the 3 circular magnets, with the smooth waxed side of the paper facing the garment, to lessen the likelihood of discoloring the fabric.