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30 mil Gold Dry Erase Name Tag

Minimum Qty: 100
Sold in groups of 100

Product Details

Product Category: Supplies
Item Number: CR80G30
Minimum Qty: 100
Sales Quantity:Sold in Groups of 100
Weight:0.0125 LB
Attachments Included In Price:1/8" Round Corners
Production Time:Same Day
Additional Options:Can Use w/ a "Low Odor" Dry Erase Marker
Less-Than-Minimum Fee:50% Upcharge per Card
30 mil Gold Dry Erase Name Tag
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Item Configuration:

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Product Specifications: 30 mil CR80 Cards - Gold
Item #: CR80G30
Sales Quantity: Sold in Groups of 100
Minimum Quantity: 100
Less than Minimum Fee: 50% Upcharge per Card
Sample Price: Qualified Generic Samples are Free
Average Production Time: 1 Business Day
Product Material: 100% PVC (Plastic)
Imprint Area: Same as Outer Dimensions
Outer Dimensions: 2 1/8" x 3 3/8" x 30 mil thickness
Product Weight: 2.4 LB
Shipping Information: Click here to see our Shipping Information
Artwork Guidelines: Click here to see Artwork Guidelines
Recommended Uses: For use in most PVC card printers.
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Product Durability: Quality plastic ensures full product life
Use and Care Instructions:

You'll want to take precautions when handling blank ID cards. Things like dust, debris, and skin oils can cling to the cards and may cause damage to the product. To prevent damage:

  1. Store the cards in a cool, moisture free environment with cards in a clean covered container.
  2. Clean your hands before touching the cards to load them in your printer.
  3. If you drop a card on the floor, don't use it even if it looks clean.
  4. Separate your blank ID cards by fanning them before loading the card hopper, which can reduce static and can help prevent the cards from sticking.
  5. Try not to handle of the cards too much before printing. When loading necessary, avoid touching the surface of the cards and lift them by their edges.