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Product Specifications: 4" x 3" Vinyl Badge Holders
Item #: 63040V
Attachment(s) Available: Swivel Clip or Slot
Sales Quantity: Sold in groups of 100
Minimum Quantity: 100
Less than Minimum Fee: 50% Upcharge per Badge Holder
Sample Price: Qualified Generic Samples are Free
Average Production Time: 1 Business Day
Product Material: 22 mil Vinyl
Imprint Area: Not Designed for Printing
Outer Dimensions: 4" x 3"
Product Weight: 0.0187 LB
Shipping Information: Click here to see our Shipping Information
Artwork Guidelines: Click here to see Artwork Guidelines
Recommended Uses: To protect and shield Name Badges and more
Related Products: Lanyards
Product Durability: 10+ years if properly cared for
Care Instructions: Badge Holders are particularly sensitive to heat. To prevent the product from curling, we recommend laying your Badge Holders flat when storing and placing them in a moisture-free environment at room temperature.