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Full Color or Engraved Window Badges

By designreusable name tags represent a nice, economical alternative to the other fully customized name badge options we produce. These name badges provide interchangeability for names and titles of the individual wearers, offering a nice solution for organizations with tighter budget constraints or high turnover. Our custom window badges, for example, allow you to label and easily slide pre-perforated inserts into view. These can either be laser engraved on one of 35 colors of plastic, or can be printed in full color in sizes up to 2-1/8” x 3-3/8.”

If you really want to draw attention, you can even order these badges to very specific shapes.  For example, dealerships may want them in the shape of an SUV, dentists may want tooth-shaped tags . . . you get the idea.

As the badge manufacturer, we can literally design and create the right personalized name tags to fit any need.

Some popular related items for custom name tags, in general, include: magnetic clips, office nameplates, and badge reels.