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Pre-Designed Lanyards

If you are down to the wire on time, Pre-Designed Lanyards are in stock and ready to ship so you can meet your around-the-corner deadlines. They >are also offered in smaller quantities, which allows you to purchase select lanyards individually. Stylish pre-screen-printed polyester lanyards are a great finishing touch for concerts, camps, festivals, parades, or other recurring events.

Our Lifeguard lanyard makes it easy to keep track of a warning whistle, waterproof first aid containers, sunglass cases, and more. The bright red coloring and bold white insignia also help swimmers to identify the lifeguard quickly in the case of an emergency situation.

Giving volunteers a custom lanyard visually sets them apart from the crowd and can also serve as a special thank you gift for those who help out at your organization. Also, when hosting an event, reusable lanyards that have Staff and Event Staff printed on them aids visitors in quickly locating your support staff when they have important questions. For additional security measures, requiring your visitors to wear a standard lanyard helps you to easily distinguish them from your staff and maintain security in your area.

So whether you want to set off your key-note speaker with a black polypropylene VIP lanyard or let your national pride show during the fourth of July with your USA or God Bless America polyester lanyard, Pre-Designed Lanyards are a great go-to solution for administration staff in planning last-minute details.