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Woven Flat Lanyards
$0.63 - $2.42
Woven Rope Lanyards
$0.62 - $2.01

Custom Woven Lanyards

Custom Woven Lanyards represent a very different class and style of lanyard, where the artwork is actually woven in with the rest of the lanyard material, offering a classy and resilient look.  As such, these are extremely popular with high schools and booster clubs, as well as for gift shops and tourist destinations.  Custom Woven Lanyards are also common for advertising corporate events, unifying conference attendees, and are a favorite keepsake for Summer Camp attendees.

These promotional lanyards can be built to suit: with weaving options that include satin and polyester materials for your lanyard base, which come in any color option. Our standard attachments at no extra cost include a bulldog clip, swivel hook, swivel clasp, and key ring. You can also upgrade to any number of attachment combinations including more specialty attachments like: cell phone loops, water bottle ring, carabiners, safety breakaways and much more.

In order to keep it cost-effective, you can submit up to two colors for woven artwork. Another popular upgrade is to opt for double-sided weaving, which requires an added layer of material to hide the reverse-woven sides and show only your advertisement.  This typically requires an additional 5 business days to complete. This is a practical option that visually promotes your logo, no matter how the user ends up wearing it.

We take pride in our meticulous dyeing and weaving processes, which take about 15-20 business days to produce with our consistent precision and quality. This classic and long-lasting lanyard is well worth the wait.