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Flat Lanyards

Flat Polypropylene Lanyards are the most widely purchased material of any lanyard, due to three important factors: cost, comfort, and print-receptivity for displaying your logo and text. This lanyard style features one layer of material with defined edges, so the lanyards strap is thin and flat. Our ½” Printed Flat Lanyard with Clip is the most cost-effective lanyard in our lineup of in-stock flat lanyards.  This width offers enough room for text and simple artwork.  For more intricate designs, or simply higher visibility, you may consider a wider lanyard with a clasp/buckle/breakaway if you desire a standard professional look.

With 11 different stock colors to choose from and standard production times of 4 -7 business days, these make for extremely convenient lanyard choice if you don’t need to go super custom with the final product.  Keep in mind that we also offer same-day rush printing services if you get in a jam.