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Stock Badge Holders

Planning a conference or event becomes easy with our wide selection of badge holders. Badge holders protect and provide a transparent view of your name badge or badge holder insert. Badge holders can be conveniently clipped to your clothes or bag, worn around your neck, or in the case of our arm badge holders, you can wrap them about your upper arm for sporting events, security professions, and more. 

The vinyl badge holders offer varying sizes, orientations, accessories. One of our most frequently ordered items is our magnetic badge holders with both horizontal and vertical options. Our horizontal vinyl badge holders come with many options and accessories such as clips, elastic cords, pins, a pin and clip combo, or with a standard pre-punched slot. We also offer vertical vinyl badge holders with a clip or standard pre-punched slot.

Our rigid badge holders are a cost-effective alternative that offer a hard clear plastic covering that you can easily slip the card into. The horizontal rigid badge holders come with a clip, elastic cord, pin, or pin/clip combo.

We also have environmentally friendly options such as our biodegradable PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) and polypropylene badge holders are made from compostable plastic polymers. If you have a little extra time to plan, we also customize badge holders to display your message and logo, which add a nice touch.

Our badge holders are sold in packages of 100 and can be shipped the same day that your order them. We also offer badge inserts, badge reels and lanyards, and photo ID cards.