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How does Namify make digitally printed name tags?

Digitally Printed Nametags

Full color name badges are extremely popular because of their ability to display limitless color with photo-quality detail.  High definition full color name badges provide not only eye-catching exposure for company logos but also an exciting way to communicate with clients. With Retransfer Print Technology, our name tags are automatically coated with a transparent film that resists scratching and protects from UV damage utilizing a 4-Color Process. Restaurant nametags, business photo ID cards, and student ID cards are just a few of the possibilities for digitally printed name tags.

Our custom name tags come in 7 different sizes. You may include a logo, up to three lines of text, and a photo. We offer front and back printing on up to 11 different background colors. While the photo ID cards are offered at a premium, their style adds an extra touch of class to any professional industry. As an environmentally-friendly alternative, we also offer a white biodegradable name tag option.

For those finishing touches on either full color name tags or laser printed name tags, we have three edging options: square corners, rounded corners, and beveled (cut at an angle to provide an accented finish). We have several backings available including locking clip, magnetic, military clutch, swivel clip, slot punch, adhesive tape, and a pocket attachment. You may also opt to have holes drilled into the cards for mounting it on a plaque, trophy, or other desired medium. Ultimately, the potential of our colored name tags is as limitless as what you can imagine.