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Lanyards are a great way to get your brand name out there. We have affordable, custom lanyard solutions to fit all of your needs. Use them as employee gifts or promotional branding products. A Lanyard is a perfect way to keep track of keys, name tags, or whatever you need. Start customizing your lanyards now!


Lanyards are truly one of the most practical and timeless promotional items available.  Originally, they were developed and used by early French sailors to secure their pistols.  Today, Lanyards are available in limitless styles and used for various purposes such as securing keys, eyeglasses, ID badges, etc.  Their practical qualities lend well to commercialization, and now you literally see them everywhere: branding businesses, promoting sports team spirit, recognizing volunteers, enhancing community or family events, and so much more.

The most common lanyard styles include Blank (Non-Printed), Screen Printed, and Woven Lanyards.  Because we stock over 12 different styles in 13 different colors, most of our lanyards can be screen printed within 24 hours.  Woven Lanyards require a more tedious process of dyeing thread and weaving the desired artwork into the actual lanyard material and can take around 18 business days to complete.

Some of the more unconventional, yet surprisingly popular, lanyard styles are Retractable Badge Lanyards, Beaded Lanyards, and Reflective Lanyards.

Also popular are our classy Satin Woven Overlay Lanyards. The bottom standard polyester base has a softer satin ribbon lanyard sewn on top. The top layer of satin creates a fine base for clear graphics and provides a nice finish for the lanyard.

When you order lanyards, you’ll want to consider the type of material.  Most popular is Flat Polypropylene because of general comfort and print-receptivity.  Tube Polyester (i.e. shoelace lanyards) is also very common for the same reasons, but tends to cost less than the premium Flat Polypropylene.  Materials such as cotton, bamboo, nylon, and silicone are also available, but come at a premium compared to standard materials.