CASE STUDY: Maverik Oil and Gas, Inc (MAVO)

When Maverik Oil and Gas, Inc (MAVO) decided to roll out their improved customer rewards program, they knew three things had to happen right out of the gate:

  1. Activation and redemption of rewards had to be overly-easy and seamless
  2. All the graphical elements had to build on their mantra of “Adventure’s First Stop”
  3. Their employees had to become extensions of the advertising

With the Maverik app and corresponding web pages in place, we began working with corporate headquarters to identify apparel items that would not only compliment their new programs (the Chrome Card and Black Debit Card) but also affordably outfit 4000 employees across 200+ locations.

Production Outlook


8,000 Printed T-Shirts (5-color print for 40,000 hits)

4,000 Lanyards (2-color print for 8,000 hits)


200 locations nationwide

We keyed in on heather-patterned cotton shirts and custom neck lanyards for their on-trend, comfortable look and practicality without blowing up the project budget.


Athletic Heather was selected for the Chrome card promotion and Charcoal Heather for Black Debit Card promotion. The artwork required 5 separate prints per setup, totaling 40,000 hits with our screen press.


The sole intent for the lanyard print was to convey the two critical buzzwords of the whole campaign: Chrome and Black, repeated in their respective colors around the lanyard.

Their in-store launch date gave us 10 business days to produce the 12,000 custom items, using 48,000 impressions. We completed the printing and quality inspections in 6 days and received high marks for performance and on-time delivery.

Maverik Coutnry Stores
Maverik Coutnry Stores