CASE STUDY: Fusion-io

When Business Week declares you the “No. 1 Innovation Up-And-Comer In The World”, your branding strategy better keep up, because everyone will be watching. Such is the case for Fusion-io, the tech firm responsible for solid-state server technology used by Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Dell, Cisco, and Supermicro.

Much of Fusion’s Marketing plan hinges on an ultra-aggressive trade show schedule, exhibiting at over 270 shows around the world, every year (that’s 1 show every 32 hours). While they certainly have a tout-worthy product, they still value the chance to make a splash with attention-grabbing promotional giveaways. In their eyes, the more random and practical the giveaway, the better. This is where the creative services and manufacturing of Namify enter the picture.

Production Outlook


Full Color Graphic Tees
Engraved Mini Hammers
Custome Animal Cracker Boxes


270 shows around the world

Full Color Graphic Tees

We knew that a standard, boxy cotton tee could not convey the right message for Fusion-io at their trade show events. The shirts had to speak to the times and remain a favorite to recipients. We recommended 3 different synthetic blends, and the end result of laying down intriguing and complex screen prints onto amazingly comfortable shirts literally was a show-stopping hit.

Engraved Mini Hammers

The only reason this idea made sense is because it didn’t make sense … the idea that random practicality would only fuel more curiosity. It was a conversation piece, an attention grabber, and certainly something that would never get thrown away. We had to quickly leverage several wholesale outlets to get the right quantity and engrave them in time for their next several events.

Custom Animal Cracker Boxes

This was a fun way to accomplish two purposes: to draw attention and, in a subtle way, to become the unofficial snack sponsor of the show … we all know how hungry we get at those events.

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