CASE STUDY: Arizona Digestive Health

While it seems that the only certain thing about Healthcare these days is uncertainty … it is comforting to see that many providers, like Arizona Digestive Health, are continually setting higher standards for care. With 29 locations and over 60 board-certified physicians, their reputation (and consequently their brand image) has quickly become associated with “quality”.

Production Outlook


Name Badges
Embroidered Scrubs
Tote Bags
Digitally Printed Cups


29 Office Locations
11 Procedural Centers

As we came to work more closely with Arizona Digestive Health, it was important for us to show that we share that same commitment to quality and innovation. We initially started by firming up the consistency of their custom name badges, company-wide, from what they were previously getting from different vendors. Then, after consulting with their Purchasing Department, we identified several benefits of streamlining the fulfillment through one manufacturer-supplier. We set to work on creating a custom web portal that could be accessed companywide and house specific setups for each of their custom items.

Then, with all their administrative and user rights in place, it was simply a matter of integrating their account with our existing system for automatic drop-shipping. Not only have these solutions saved them on money and resources, but it has allowed them to focus squarely on the thing of greatest importance … your health.

Arizona Digestive Health Products