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Bryan L. Welton Jr

There is a genuine satisfaction when you engage your brand to bring about positive outcomes. Sure, these outcomes often include driving revenue, membership, awareness for your cause or one of many other worthy pursuits. But not to be forgotten is the incredible collaboration that can cultivate in your employees when you associate that brand with a shared set of values, or a culture, if you will.

This principle is timeless and deep; it is where I have anchored so much of my involvement within our industry. I have watched our team grow from the caring efforts of just my family to a throng of able professionals that really want to make you look good.

We’re not perfect, but we expect perfection from ourselves. We do not excuse failings, nor exonerate our duty to quality; rather we believe that your individual experience merits full priority, regardless of volume.

Unifying both your team and the public eye to the values you embody can truly be synergistic … that is what Namify is all about.


We are the global industry leader of identification products. Service, quality and price define our commitment to the client.

We enjoy a high level of job satisfaction by seizing opportunities for growth and exceeding personal expectations.

We efficiently manufacture a vast array of quality products to fulfill all client needs.

We master superior customer service skills to enhance client satisfaction and retention.

We convert our competitors into clients through principles of efficiency and feasibility.


  1. Maverik Oil and Gas, Inc (MAVO)

    When Maverik Oil and Gas, Inc (MAVO) decided to roll out their improved customer rewards program, they knew three things had to happen right out of the gate: 1) Activation and redemption of rewards had to be overly-easy and seamless. 2) All the graphical elements had to build on their mantra of “Adventure’s First Stop”. 3) Their employees had to become extensions of the advertising.

  2. AutoZone, Inc (AZO)

    Our initial relationship with AutoZone began with just a handful of regional stores, making the personalized name badges for their sales clerks. After further rapport and research, we discovered two things: 1) The various store locations, nationwide, were experiencing different standards of quality when it came to purchasing their badges from many different vendors. 2) The billing and distribution for that many locations was a messy headache.

  3. Arizona Digestive Health

    While it seems that the only certain thing about Healthcare these days is uncertainty … it is comforting to see that many providers, like Arizona Digestive Health, are continually setting higher standards for care. With 29 locations and over 60 board-certified physicians, their reputation (and consequently their brand image) has quickly become associated with “quality”.

  4. Harbor Freight Tools USA

    Since 1980, Harbor Freight Tools has been carving out an incredible nationwide following by working directly with tool manufacturers and relaying wholesale prices to their customers. Their brand message is a purposeful reflection of their model and target market … make it simple, fast, and cheap to get outfitted with tools. These same desirables also drive their marketing and purchasing activities, demands that play perfectly to Namify’s strengths and have harbored their strong business relationship.

  5. Fusion io

    When Business Week declares you the “No. 1 Innovation Up-And-Comer In The World”, your branding strategy better keep up, because everyone will be watching. Such is the case for Fusion-io, the tech firm responsible for solid-state server technology used by Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Dell, Cisco, and Supermicro.




Namify Products for Brand Manufacturing

At Namify, we are your branding and promotional products specialists. Fromlanyards, name tags, and custom banners to customized apparel, and corporategifts, we have everything you need to manage your brand. Browse our massive inventory of fully customizable products for your business or event.



Denotations -

Nomenclature -

Associations -

Acronym - Brand names formed from the initial letters (or parts) of a series of words

Ad Copy - The printed text or spoken words in an advertisement

Advertiser - The manufacturer, service company, retailer, or supplier advertising its product or service

Advertising - Communication that is designed to persuade the receiver to take some form of action

Area of Influence - The area covered by a brand in terms of reach to consumers

Awareness - The measure of how many people know a brand exists.


National Educational Partnership

As an active member of the business community, Namify™ takes the opportunity (or the social responsibility, depending on how you view it) to help foster the ongoing success of our schools and children. Thus, the motivation behind our National Educational Partnership (NEP). Schools that choose to participate in our NEP program receive a unique Reference ID that instantly saves them 15% on all purchases made through Namify, and it qualifies said schools to earn an additional 5% back (paid annually) with no limit on the amount a school can receive back.


A look inside Namify

Namify TV gives you a look at what it's like here at Namify, as well as some other fun videos that the team has put together!


Chat With A Representative

Not sure what you're looking for? Chat with a Namify representative now and receive immediate help with all of your branding needs and questions!


Career Opportunities

The Namify family is always looking for positive, talented individuals to propel our company vision and secure an ever-growing client base. We believe if you treat individuals as they can become, more often than not they will step up and become that.


Trade Show Calendar

Start to finish, we possess the experience and urgency to uphold your brand in today’s competitive marketplace. We can design, manufacture, and distribute precisely the right image for your efforts. At Namify, our prime objective is to make you look amazingly smart, because when your boss is impressed and your prospective clients are impressed, then we’ve successfully made a difference for your business. Start to finish, we possess the experience and urgency to uphold your brand in today’s competitive marketplace. We can design, manufacture,


Build Your Own Brand Store

A brand store allows you to conveniently synchronize your brand images across multiple locations and audiences. You simply establish your store and "official" setups once, and then broadcast the store link to as many participants as you like. It's free, it's easy, it saves you time and money, and aligns all your constituents with one trusted source for branding products. Many organizations battle to keep their imaging, quality, and logos consistent to all the areas they have influence, because they end up using dozens of different providers for their branding materials. With your brand store, you are literally defining what's acceptable and providing an easy marketplace for constituents to shop form and track their own billing.


Customer Information

We concern ourselves with the privacy of every individual that visits our website or inquires after our products. Our Privacy Policy is in place to protect consumer information and assure an absolute safe online environment for current and potential customers.