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Hello My Name Is   - Ultra BlueHello My Name Is - Ultra Blue$0.03 - $0.06Hello My Name Is - Brown GoldHello My Name Is - Brown Gold$0.03 - $0.06Hello My Name Is - CyanHello My Name Is - Cyan$0.03 - $0.06Hello My Name Is - GreenHello My Name Is - Green$0.03 - $0.06Hello My Name Is - Metallic SilverHello My Name Is - Metallic Silver$0.03 - $0.06Hello My Name Is - RedHello My Name Is - Red$0.03 - $0.06

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Disposable Sticker Nametags

Disposable name tags are perfect for any get-together, activity, or event. Everyone enjoys custom nametags and can use them to introduce themselves in a way that is creative and shows their personality. These printable name tag labels are reasonably priced and provide a fast and easy way to help remember names at any event. The Hello My Name Is labels come in 6 different colors: Ultra Blue (Royal Blue), Cyan (Light Blue), Green, Red, Brown Gold, and Metallic Silver. These name tags are sold in groups of 100 and are in-stock, ready to ship.

Other items that event directors have requested include ID Card Printers, ID Badge Holders & Reels, and Office Name Plates.

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